Statement to Our Community (June 3, 2020) 

Legal Aid is open for service by phone during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our staff is working hard to respond to all callers but you may need to leave a message. See How to Contact Us for more information.

Legal Aid Foundation of Santa Barbara County
Santa Barbara (South County): (805) 963-6754

Lompoc (Mid County): (805) 736-6582
Santa Maria (North County): (805) 922-9909

Court Self-Help Centers: Legal Resource Centers 
Santa Barbara/Lompoc: (805) 568-3303
Santa Maria: (805) 691-2457

About Legal Aid Foundation of Santa Barbara County 

Legal Aid Foundation of Santa Barbara County is a non-profit law firm that provides free legal assistance to Santa Barbara County residents. Our mission is to provide high-quality civil legal services to low-income and other vulnerable residents in order to ensure equal access to justice. We change lives through direct representation, legal advice and information, and community education. Our vision is a community where low-income people and other vulnerable residents are empowered to thrive and where all residents have meaningful access to the civil justice system. Since 1959, Legal Aid has provided legal services to those most in need in our community. Our services include the provision of legal information and advice, assistance with the preparation of legal documents, and representation in court proceedings.